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the Center for Mission Effectiveness and
the Christian Foundation of America
Unlock Potential, Change More Lives: Become an IMPACT PATRON today!



GIFTING a visionary leader you care about, with DESIGNATED FUNDING, expressly reserved for their LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING with the goal of achieving measurable organizational health and growth.

  • If you have a little bit of time left, how about start writing your own bucket list
    You'll give them objective insights into their organization's strengths and areas for improvement

    We conduct a 40-point Capacity Effectiveness Assessment to help them understand what their organization is good at and where it needs to improve to help more people effectively.

  • CEO planning and prioritizing the quarter with the team.
    You'll help them see where the bottlenecks are, and how to get past them

    We'll help them create a detailed strategic planning Blueprint for Success, and select from a curated array of resources designed to reach the goals important to their mission

  • two businessmen having a meeting in the park
    You'll help them acquire new knowledge and practical skills to prepare for the challenges of the future

    We offer customized training modules, coaching, mentoring, and succession planning services to empower their leaders and their team to be ready for the next level of service.

  • Adjusting the tie
    You'll help them get connected to the high-impact donors who can make a significant difference in expanding their reach

    We engage with high-impact donors like you, to connect their nonprofit with generous supporters who can make a big difference in reaching more people and changing more lives.

  • Teamwork makes the dream work.
    You'll help foster accountability and encouragement among other high-impact leaders

    Through our Coalition of Christian Nonprofit Leaders, they'll be encouraged by their peers, sharing ideas and supporting one another to stay motivated in their mission to serve the community.

  • You’ll help them see how other nonprofits stretch their allocated resources (human and monetary) to make a greater impact
    You’ll help them see how other nonprofits stretch their allocated resources (human and monetary) to make a greater impact

    We ensure that their resources are used in the wisest manner through stewardship effectiveness assessments, maximizing their ability to help more people and make a bigger impact.

  • Statistics on a laptop
    You'll help them make the most of every dollar and streamline their cost-to-benefit ratios so they can do more with their budgets

    We support them in improving their effectiveness to ensure that your generous donations are used to their fullest potential, helping your favorite charity to become more impactful.

  • screenshot 2020-03-09 07.49.11.png
    You'll help them understand what's important to Donors and help them create an amazing Donor Experience

    We provide opportunities for giving-minded people like you to deepen your support and leave a lasting impact through legacy and patron opportunities, allowing them to create a rewarding shared history of the transformed lives made possible through you

  • Team building at RGB Parkour Tour back in 2014.

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    You'll help them get connected to others in their space who may complement or amplify their services

    We identify multi-donor impact opportunities, inviting multiple donors and partners to work together for a greater impact by pooling their resources and efforts to help those in need in a powerful way.

Here are the TOP Reasons to become an IMPACT PATRON:

You’ll invest in future leaders' growth and development.
You’ll help them retain and attract top talent within the group.
You’ll build organizational capacity and effectiveness.
You'll advance the organization's mission and values.
You’ll foster positive social change and community impact.
You’ll model a new way of giving that others may emulate
You’ll cultivate a lasting legacy in creating a culture of leadership development.
Join us on this extraordinary journey and unlock the true potential of giving. Together, leading with prayer, we'll pave the way for a brighter tomorrow, where every act of donor generosity serves as a catalyst for positive change.