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You know that relationships are interconnected and how you interact with one another is key to how your organization functions. Book a group session with your entire team and get everyone on the same page to restore worklife harmony.
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John has served as my professional coach for two years.  His decades of leadership experience in healthcare have proven extremely valuable to me personally. 

He is excellent at both asking questions and probing for truth.  He is a wise and winsome advisor/advice giver.  I have grown professionally as a result of our relationship.  I am increasingly confident in my work and believe I am more effective and productive. 

John is also a great collaborator and connector.   He has introduced me to like-minded professionals in his network and I have benefited.  I am very grateful to call John a coach and friend.

VP of Operations

I called John when I was in crisis, staff was quitting and the actions of one executive was killing the morale of those who stayed.

Not only was he a calm, soothing listener, he asked simple questions and probed under the surface to uncover the underlying issues that were responsible for the chaos.

His 4-Quadrants exercise was like a first-aid station, and his action plan for fixing issues provided the clarity we needed going forward.

I think having an outside perspective helped to point out certain issues; it was good for everyone on the team to hear and reflect without casting blame or feelings getting hurt.

We're putting that plan into action now, and all I can say is, John was our lifeline.

T. S.
Small Business Operations Manager

We owe John a debt of gratitude, he has been an engaged and committed advocate on our advisory board from day one – we have learned so much from him in terms of how he navigates meetings and the topics discussed – He has so much knowledge and expertise to share.

Director, County Service Agency

One of the main lessons I took from the book study we did together was being accountable – I think I would be asleep within the pages if I didn’t own up to my own significant role in not performing to what we are capable of.

V. W.
Director, Sales & Marketing

As an entrepreneur, I had to make my own path and there was no mentor or playbook for me--I learned in the school of hard knocks.

I called John when I came upon "LetsAskJohn" while i was scrolling through social media one night. Something about him made me feel at once encouraged and hopeful, he seemed like a person I could trust.

I'm glad I called! We now have a great friendship and I consider him part of my personal circle of insiders who continue to offer wisdom and guidance. A lot of them came from John's referrals!

I really appreciate all he taught me about networking and believing that God wants success for me. It felt good to have him in my corner no matter what.

L. N.
Founder, Service Agency

When you're the leader, the buck stops with you. I found it hard to know where to turn. I know there are better ways to structure my business but I felt like I was just going from one fire to the next.

John is someone who takes time to listen, but more than that, by the end of our conversations, I feel like I've got some direction. A lot of it is him reminding me what I already know, but I needed a nudge to see how it worked in this situation or with that person.

I call him Gandalf—he always seems to know a way past the danger zones and I'm grateful for it!

Director, Community Youth Program
LET'S ASK JOHNWhenever you need a...
  • Compassionate sounding board
  • Strategic thinker who gets the Big Picture
  • Encourager with Can-do/Find-a-way spirit
  • Glass half full attitude to boost you up
  • Strong faith, Bible knowledge, who's experienced God's provision in multiple ways
  • Believes and lives out the Holy Spirit Advantage*

    "I'm a committed friend, with multiple decades-long relationships and a solid 58-year marriage!"

*If you haven't heard of the Holy Spirit Advantage, you're missing out on a huge provision God has made for your success. Keep reading to learn more about how you can access it, for supernatural empowerment to lead well!

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